About Dr. Tasha Smith-Voss

Pure Legacy LLC Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Dr Tasha Smith Voss of Pure Legacy Chiropractic LubbockDr. Tasha Smith-Voss received her doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker Chiropractic University to become the 4th generation and the 6th chiropractor within her family. Dr. Smith founded Pure Legacy, LLC and has decided to re-open her grandfather’s (Dr. Keith Patzer) practice in Floydada, Texas. Pure Legacy Spinal Center takes care of patients from 32 communities and 4 surrounding states. Pure Legacy LLC is excited to announce they have moved their office to Lubbock Texas. Dr. Tasha Smith-Voss is truly blessed to have the opportunity to continue her grandfather’s legacy and offer Upper Cervical Care to West Texas.

Doctors who specialize in Upper Cervical Care have had extensive post-graduate training and education in the brain stem and upper cervical spine. This knowledge base, coupled with the latest technology, enables doctors to produce consistent results for patients in the correction of scores of health problems. Through Upper Cervical Care, countless patients across the country have achieved a greater state of health without the risk of potentially harmful drugs or surgery.