Ear Infections (Ottis Media)

Upper cervical care can help everyone – infants to seniors, mothers-to-be, athletes, and accident victims will benefit from a healthy spine and nervous system! If you have a health problem, upper cervical doctors will strive to correct its cause, not just treat the symptoms. If you are symptom free, upper cervical care is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

Response Varies

The time it takes for recovery does not always equate to the time it took for the disease to develop.  As a general rule, however, acute diseases respond rapidly, while chronic cases of long standing are slower to respond.

Some abnormalities show very extensive involvement of tissues, while others show very little tissue involvement. Anytime tissue is involved, the structures must retrace the steps through which it passed before it can return to normalcy. Evidence of this can be seen in the varying stages of skin eruptions as they heal. Tissue below the skin’s surface goes through the same process while healing; it’s just not visible to the naked eye.